Tentickles is a game that was created for the Mozilla Light Jam in April 2015. It was a  48 hours jam organized by Mozilla and Jam Shaker. We were four game student and two light engineer student in the team. We used Unity 5. On this project I worked as programmer and 3D artist (I did the environnement).

The subject was about the light. The theme was “Colors and Photoluminescence”.

It’s a four player multi local game. Each player embody a little octopus. The ground is dark so if your octopus don’t move or move slowly, he is invisible. But all players can use a flash light and if you get lighted, you will emit light for few seconds. You must tickle your opponents to make them disappear

You can download the game HERE (you need four gamepad to play).

A game made with Julien Fenoglio, Vincent Jalliffier-Merlon and Antoine Villecroze.