No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain was a game that I created during the Zoo Machine Festival in 72 hours. It’s a festival about alternative controlers that takes place every year in Roubaix. On this project I did the 2D Art.

We were a team of four. The original idea was to create a game where you have to put yourself in danger to gain more points.

To play the game you simply need a wall, a projector, a webcam and a PC. A silhouette is projected on the wall, you have to quickly run, jump and splatting against the wall. You have to reproduce the projected silhouette. The webcam take a picture and calculate your score. You can play in solo or duo. We have a tournament mode.

Check the Shake That Button Page.

An animated gif is shot every time you jump, check them 😉


A game made with Pierre Corbinouze, Loïc Perillier and Tom Victor. Photo by Anna-Célestine Barthélemy