Nanyang Polytechnic – The Story Of Sips

During summer 2015, I’ve been to Nanyang Polytechnic to work with students of the School of Interactive and Digital Media on their final year project. It was a 3 month project and I worked as 3D environment artist.

We were a team of 8 student : three Artists (me and two Singaporeans), four Programmers (two Singaporeans and two finnish) and one french Game Designer. We were working with Unity and the game was developed for PC.

The project started at the beginning of June but as I arrived mid-June, I did not participate in the creation of the concept of the game.

The game is called The Story of Sips and tells the journey of a cat, Sips, who lives in a middle age world where cats are oppressed by dogs. The story begins with Sips trying to steal so food for his kitties. But while he is away from his home, the dogs kidnappe his kitties. So he will start a revolution to overthrow the dictatorship of the dog and get his family back.

The game is a stealth game with 3 detection systems : the sounds, the sight and the most important one, the smell.

Dogs can smell you and you have to manage your smell (the size and what you smell).

We did three levels that are the introduction of the game.

I worked on the environnement of the game. I did most of the environnements assets (3D modeling with Maya and texturing). I also been environnement artist as I created the level based on the level design. And finally I worked on the VFX. I also did the integration of all my assets.

I also helped the french game designer managing the team and the production because we were the only one with a management training.

This project was quite challenging as I had to learn quickly Maya by myself and integrate an international team. But I think I managed to do so 🙂