Mekabolt is a physics-based 3D robot-building and combat game.

We were fourteen students from Supinfogame for the studio Gameloft Paris. I worked during two weeks as 3D and 2D Artist.

We worked on mobile devices. They asked us to deliver a game aimed at kids aged 8-12 that did make use of a virtual d-pad or joystick. At the end at the first, they added an other constaint : do not use virtual d-pas or joystick.

Two players face-off against each other using the same tablet or smartphone Android device. The goal of the game is to select and customize your own robot with gears (each with its own unique effects) and then use it to push the other player’s robot outside the arena.

I worked on this project as 3D and 2D artist. I did the modeling of the weapons, the textures of the environnement and of some weapons. I did also some particle systems.