Maxilove Interstate

Maxilove Interstate was a project created in two weeks with the studio Oh Bibi! for Android devices. We were a team of 7 students (3 artists, 3 game designers and 1 developper). I worked as 3D Artist, I did the cars, a good part of the FXs and Shaders as well helping to manage the team. We worked with Unity.

We published the game after the first week and then we use Amplitude, too collect datas and analyse them to improve the game the second week.

In the game, you play as a group of hippies who want to reach Woodstock during summer 1969. So you take your most beautiful van and start to cross the United States. But unfortunatly, the evil Nixon’s cop won’t let you enjoy the music and try to stop you. You can pacify them with your lovegun and the power of music. The game is classic a shoot’m up. There are three différents ennemies and you can loot some power up to increase your loving power.

You can download it here or on any android device.

A game made with Aloïs Mispelon, Nicolas Nowak, Anaïs Diquet, Pierre Chapelet, Florent Juchniewicz and Pierrick Boyet.