Blind Blades

Blind Blades is a game I made for the Global Game Jam 2017. We did it in 48 hours with a team of 6 persons. I was the only 3D Artist so I did almost everything you can see in the game. I did the environment and 2 shaders. One for the low poly water and an other one for the waves that have a “force field” look (unfortunately it’s a bit far for you to see it).

The game is a multiplayer couch game. You embody a blind samurai that can “feel” his opponents. So every character is invisible but you create “waves” (like the sound) when you walk. You can be sneaky and use the environment (puddles and grass) to bait your opponent and slay them.

You can play it Here.


A game made with Valentin Capitaine, Guillaume Lucas, Julien Lorans, Nicolas Pankoviak.